LemonScreen 4.0

Uses facial features to secure the user's PC
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Creates a model of your face, then requires you to scan your facial features in order to unlock the PC. Requires a webcam for scanning purposes.

LemonScreen 1.3.0 is a program that lock and unlocks your PC using your face.
The program uses your webcam to build a model. It recognizes a square zone of your face (eyes, nose, mouth), and stores that information as a password. You will need to enter your Windows password in order to start using your face to replace it.

You can set Windows to lock when the camera does not detect your face for some seconds. The system will lock up, and the only thing that will unlock it is your face in front of the camera.

Once installed, the program will remain as an icon in the system tray.

Right clicking on it you will be able access the program´s features.

You can tell the program to lock your system. This can be also done pressing ALT+L.

You can disable LemonScreen, Exit the program or access to the Settings.

Under the Settings options you will be able to specify the delay of inactivity before locking the session (in seconds), the delay of inactivity before disabling the camera (in seconds, too) and the camera device you will be using.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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